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Everybody loves an Exhibitionist!!

Well members of the Sydney Model Railway Society love attending model railway exhibitions and the start of 2024 has been a busy one with 3 exhibitions in 3 months.

First kid of the block was the 51st Forestville Model Railway Exhibition in early March. Our club has been attending the Forestville shows for over 20 years with modelling clinics or on recent years Mungo Scotts.

3 weeks after Forestville we took Mungo Scotts down for Albo to have a look (but we found out he wasn't there after we arrived). We decided to have a great weekend with a dinner on the Saturday for the attending members and tremendous hospitality from the organisers.

Then the third show was the ever growing Great Train Show held at Rosehill Racecourse just over a week ago.

Please enjoy some of the many trains operated by members over these weekends and please follow our website or Facebook page to find out about our next exhibition attendance.

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