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On Saturday, 8 March 2019, the Sydney Model Railway Society commenced converting one of the main lines of our fixed club layout to DCC. This has been a long time coming and has many of the members very excited to be able to operate their DCC rollingstock in the club rooms.

The Changes

The current club layout has been in place since the early 1980s (well we are the oldest railway club in Australia), with some sections more than 60 years old. Some of these sections were originally installed in the clubrooms at the Railway Institute Building in Castlereagh St Sydney and transferred when the club moved to Arncliffe Station.

There are two main lines with many sidings and yards. Many sections are old, being made of brass, they were hand laid and held down with track nails. Whilst these sections look great, they aren’t DCC compatible.

The Club made the decision to convert one of the main lines to DCC with adjoining yards. This way, we can keep a lot of the good work our forebears did and run both DC and DCC trains. Many of our members still have DC locomotives.

The Works

Considerable planning has occurred, with a track that is 60 years old and had thousands of hours of work put into it, a lot of untangling has to occur. This includes straight tracking the cross overs between mainlines and removing redundant wiring.

The Action

Over 8 humid hours on Saturday 8 March, we started pulling up the track and turnouts on a long straight stretch as well as identifying the power cables and section breaks. It was hot work, but we thoroughly enjoyed the progress we have made.

The Outcome

Phase 1 is done. We are keen to complete this work asap to get awesome DCC sound through our club rooms.

Hit us up if you have any questions, want to know more or interested in joining.



Another year is nearly gone, and whilst we haven’t posted for a while, we’ve been busy at many exhibitions during the year.

Here is a snap shot of where we have been exhibiting.

Epping Model Railway Exhibition – June 2018

This exhibition has been around for a while and we have exhibited previously, this year though for the first time held at the Grand Pavilion, Rosehill Racecourse. This venue was fantastic, comfortable, easy to get a park and well attended by exhibitors, vendors and patrons.

We had a great time at the exhibition and look forward too many more at Rosehill.

Sylvanvale Foundation Pre-WW2 Vintage Car & Bike Show

Cronulla corso, you might think an unlikely place to exhibit, but we have been requested a few times to exhibit at this wonderful event. The Show primarily has old cars and bikes along the Corso, and whilst we weren’t out of place, we were visited by over 250 keen onlookers during the day. We are proud to be able to help out Sylvanvale Foundation.

Diesel Era Modelling Day

The Diesel Era Modelling group (look them up on Facebook – NSW DEM) invited our club to set up Mungo Scott’s for a running day along with their layout. It was a fantastic day where members of both clubs were able to run trains on both layouts.

There were modelling clinics, programming loco sessions and amazing raffle prizes given away for everyone who attended.

For SMRS, it was momentous too as it was the first we set up wireless train control where we could use our iPhones to control movements and sounds. This is an amazing innovation in our great hobby and will surely evolve quickly too.

On this day too, the new 48 class were released from Auscision. Some made it to the Day on time to get a run around. They are beautiful locos.

We are looking forward to the next DEM running day.

Caulfield Model Railway Exhibition 2018

For the first time in many years we crossed south of the border and exhibited at Caulfield. We rarely go to Melbourne to exhibit due to the logistics and cost involved, but we were inspired following Barcoola coming to Rosehill earlier in the year (they came up from South Australia – we might get back there too soon). It was a great show and venue, we got to meet up with many of our mates (looking at you Watto).

Coming Up:

Choo Choo Festival – A Free Family Train Heritage Fun Day

We’re not finished yet this year, there is one last opportunity for anyone to come and check out our exhibition layout, Mungo Scott. We will be, for one day only, Sunday, 21 October at the Australian Technology Park, South Eveleigh. Come along, drop in at this free event on the celebrations of train and say ‘hi’.


We've been really excited to exhibit Mungo Scott's layout at the Epping Model Train Show at the Brickpit in Thornleigh.

It has been great so far, and there is 1 day to go to see our layout plus some magnificent other layouts on show.

Here a short video of a triple header 82 class pulling NHFF's, passing a 44 (the keener eyes might notice the prototype SDS 40ft containers in the foreground - just on display).

Below are some pictures, let us know if you have any feedback.