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January Update

What a busy start to the year for members.

Towards the end of 2023 we finally had repairs to the floor in our clubrooms competed after the termites took up residency in 2021 so the year started with a very deep clean as despite efforts we still ended up with dust everywhere. Our cleaning was so intensive we managed to kill a vacuum cleaner!!!

Last Friday we held our first kids school holiday running session with a small but enthusiastic turn up and thankfully no crashes!! Our 2nd and final session for these school holidays will be held this Friday from 11am. RSVP are essential with limited space still available

Maintenance of model railways almost seems endless but over the weekend members gathered to give some TLC to our exhibition layout Mungo Scott's. A variety of tasks which will improve the viewing experience but also streamline the operations for our members.

Last but not least we held our first clinic last night in our clubrooms. This was to show members how to build trees using the approach based on florist wire, silicone, paint and commercially available foliage. It was a great success and look forward to building hundreds more trees as our layout scenary updates proceed throughout the year.

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