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On Monday, 23 November, we had a great selection of trains, including a brand new Eureka 38 class locomotive; the infamous 9181 make its inaugural run and an oldie, the Silverton 442 class Jumbo. It was a great night had by all.


With the recent and soon to arrive NR's from manufacturers, one of our members fancied up a previous NR into the beautiful candy livery of red, with yellow and orange stripes.

The loco has also been renumbered from NR81 to 9181, with 91 once proposed to be the class name.

We'll see this little number running around the club from this week.


** Breaking News **

On a recent Friday, two of our members Pete and Jon arrived at the club room to get it ready for some running sessions. Upon opening the doors, they were aghast to see that we had been broken into - there was damage strewn everywhere - trains were knocked over, buildings damaged and the fowl beast had defecated in the premises.

Amazingly, Pete and Jon had apprehended the offended - can you believe they were still on site? Bless their good hearts though, they felt pity of this vagrant and ushered him out the front door before the Fuzz could arrive.

Good on you fellas.

See below some shots of what occurred.




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