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School Holiday Running Sessions

Happy new year to all our friends and followers on.

We've been quiet on our posts in the latter half of 2023 but we had out hands full juggling the last parts of our upgrade to DCC plus a couple of unplanned events.

We are kicking off 2024 on a positive with a resumption of our School Holiday running sessions for school aged kids. We were running these sessions each school holiday break prior to Covid but as the restrictions eased we discovered termites had decided to move into our clubrooms. After 2 years of treatment of the termites themselves then the repairs with aspects such as heritage approvals and specialised milling of replacement timber the work was finally complete in December 2023.

The 2 sessions in January 2024 will be held on:

- Friday 12 January

- Friday 19 January

with both days from 11am to 2pm.

Members will assist the kids to operate a train on the layout and show them how to operate our points control system based on ipads. The following are the key conditions:

- Parent/Guardian must remain in the rooms at all times while the child is present

- Kids can bring their own trains to run but please note as we are fully DCC now all locomotives will need to have a DCC decoder installed. Club members can supply a range of locomotives to be driven carefully at all times.

- All directions from club members must be followed

- Please do not touch any items without permission.

- The clubrooms are located on an operational railway platform and for safety do not run on the platform.

Numbers of kids to attend are strictly limited and all parents/guardians must RSVP. Please contact us via FB messenger or email and advise how many children, age and first name.

To be fair to all please select your preferred day and you can be waitlisted for the alternative day.

Looking forward to seeing some junior train drivers showing us their skills.


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